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Greetings OHS Members, gardening friends, and horticulture enthusiasts.  Summer has arrived and now that we are in the month of June, we would normally be looking at our last OHS monthly meeting for the season.  I am sad to report that, similar to recent months, the planned June meeting and social has been cancelled. 


It seems so long ago since we have been together.  I am sure that many of you share my disappointment that we have had to cancel all of our OHS meetings and activities since March due to the "social distancing, shelter-in-place, etc." guidelines provided by the CDC as a defense against this year's seemingly uncontrolled spread of the Covid-19 virus.    Whether we followed mandatory guidelines or optional recommendations, this season's difficult decisions to cancel OHS activities in order to minimize person-to-person contact were given careful thought, and were made in consideration for the health and well-being of all of our members, family and friends.


Without the benefit of a crystal ball, I am hoping that we will all be able to benefit from the much-anticipated recovery, and that we will have a chance to see things begin to return to normal this by fall.  We will provide updates on OHS activities as information is available.


Until we meet again, stay healthy and safe.  Happy gardening!
Dave Edwards - Program Director
Oklahoma Horticultural Society


The Oklahoma Horticultural Society encourages interest in horticulture in Oklahoma by sharing our knowledge of growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees and shrubs.  We aquaint ourselves with the best plants and practices for our region by touring inspiring private and public gardens, hosting knowledgeable speakers and welcoming the public to these events.


OHS supports the future of horticulture by providing scholarships to students of the horticultural science degree programs in Oklahoma.


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The Oklahoma Horticultural Society.

The Society was formed in 1970 to further the appreciation of gardening and horticulture throughout Oklahoma.  This nonprofit organization recognizes and promotes excellence in gardening and horticulture across Oklahoma and the United States.

The OHS-supported gardening show airs weekly

Here's a checklist for gardeners, new and experienced, to use as a guide as they work in  their  yards and gardens   These suggestions are great for helping you stay focused on what is important to take care of during these specific times -  June and July. 


by David Hillock, Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

Oklahoma State University



Vegetable Garden

  • Make fall vegetable garden plantings in late July. Fact Sheet HLA-6009 gives planting recommendations.


  • Brown patch disease of cool-season grasses can be a problem. (HLA-6420)

  • Meet water requirements of turfgrasses. (HLA-6420)

  • Fertilization of warm-season grasses can continue if water is present for growth. (HLA-6420)

  • Vegetative establishment of warm-season grasses should be completed by the end of July to ensure the least risk of winter kill. (HLA-6419)

  • Mowing heights for cool-season turf grasses should be at 3" during hot, dry summer months. Gradually raise mowing height of bermudagrass lawns from 1 ½ to 2".

  • Sharpen or replace mower blades as needed. Shredded leaf blades are an invitation to disease and allow more stress on the grass.

Tree and Shrub

  • Control bermudagrass around trees and shrubs with products containing sethoxydim, fusilade, or glyphosate herbicides. Follow directions closely to avoid harming desirable plants.


  • Continue insect combat and control in the orchard, garden, and landscape. (EPP-7306, EPP-7313, EPP-7319)

  • Check pesticide labels for "stop" spraying recommendations prior to harvest.

  • Harvest fruit from the orchard early in the morning and refrigerate as soon as possible.


  • Divide and replant crowded Hybrid iris (Bearded Iris) after flowering until August.

General Landscape

  • Water plants deeply and early in the morning. Most plants need approximately 1 to 2 ½ inches of water per week.

  • Providing birdbaths, shelter and food will help turn your landscape into a backyard wildlife habitat.

  • Insect identification is important so you don't get rid of the "Good Guys." (EPP-7307)

  • The hotter and drier it gets, the larger the spider mite populations!

  • Expect some leaf fall, a normal reaction to drought. Water young plantings well.

Oklahoma Gardening is produced by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service through the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and Agricultural Communications Services. Our studio garden is located at The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University.

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