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OHS Events

Monthly Meetings:Our monthly meetings are open to the public.  We do not meet in July and August.

NO OCTOBER LECTURE SERIES AND MEETING ON OCTOBER 29. The Annual Fall Meeting which was held on October 5 was the October meeting.


November 19th.  

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Gardening & Horticulture in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Horticultural Society encourages interest in horticulture in Oklahoma by sharing our knowledge of growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees and shrubs.  We aquaint ourselves with the best plants and practices for our region by touring inspiring private and public gardens, hosting knowledgeable speakers and welcoming the public to these events.


OHS supports the future of horticulture by providing scholarships to students of the horticultural science degree programs in Oklahoma.

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The Oklahoma Horticultural Society was formed in 1970 to further the appreciation of gardening and horticulture throughout Oklahoma.  This nonprofit organization recognizes and promotes excellence in gardening and horticulture across Oklahoma and the United States.

The OHS-supported gardening show airs weekly


by David Hillock, Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture 

Oklahoma State University



  • You can continue to replant or establish cool season lawns like fescue.

  • The mowing height for fescue should be lowered to approximately 2 ½ inches for fall and winter cutting.

  • Fertilize cool season grasses the first of October with a complete fertilizer at the rate of 1 to 1 ½ pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet.

  • Broadleaf weeds like dandelions can be easily controlled during October (HLA 6421 & 6601).



  • Plant cool season annuals like pansies, ornamental cabbage or kale, snapdragons and dusty miller when temperatures begin to cool.

  • Begin planting spring-flowering bulbs like tulips, hyacinths, crocus and daffodils.

  • Peonies, daylilies, and other spring-flowering perennials should be divided or planted now.

  • Dig and store tender perennials like cannas, dahlias, and caladiums in a cool, dry location.

  • Purchase trees from nurseries and garden centers at this time to select the fall color you prefer.

  • Plant container-grown trees and shrubs this month.

  • Check and treat houseplants for insect pests before bringing them indoors and repot rootbound plants.


Fruits & Vegetables

  • Dig sweet potatoes and harvest pumpkins and winter squash.

  • Remove green fruit from tomato plants when frost threatens.

  • There is still time to plant radishes and mustard in the fall garden.

  • Remove all disease and insect infested debris from the garden to prevent overwintering of various garden pests.

Oklahoma Gardening is produced by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service through the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and Agricultural Communications Services. Our studio garden is located at The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University.



Laura Payne, longtime friend of OHS and currently the Extension Associate and Volunteer Education Coordinator at The Botantic Garden at OSU was awarded the George J. Vaclavek Award at the OHS Fall Meeting at The Botanic Garden on October 5.


The Vaclavek Gold Medal is presented by OHS  to outstanding members of Oklahoma's horticultural community.


She  received her Bachelors of Science from Oklahoma State University in 2001 and was the first student to graduate from OSU with a degree emphasis on Public Horticulture. 


In the fall of 1997 Laura enrolled at OSU to work on a degree in Psychology. When enrollment for the 1998 spring semester rolled around and Laura couldn't get into the Astronomy class she wanted for her Natural Science credit, she decided to take Introduction to Horticulture/Hort 1013.  She had always enjoyed planting the marigold seeds that her grandmother would send her; she had no idea what Horticulture really was!!


Every year the Hort 1013 class would take a field trip to The Botanic Garden at OSU. Laura first stepped foot into this beautiful garden in April of 1998 and it was then known as the Oklahoma Gardening Studio Garden. Before leaving the garden that day, Laura asked her Hort 1013 Professor, Dr. Doug Needham, "How do I get Steve Owens job"!!  Dr. Needham's reply was "change your major to horticulture".  And history began!!


Laura changed her major and went on to work off the "draft" for the new degree option taking several classes from the professor that changed her life's path. She was also a member of the Horticulture Club, Horticulture Club Judging Team, the OSU Flower Judging Team, and at the collegiate levels; Treasure for the Southern Region American Society for Horticultural Science and Vice President for the National American Society for Horticultural Science.


As fate would have it, in 2001 when Laura graduated with her degree, Steve Owens left his job as the studio garden manager and became host of Oklahoma Gardening, and Laura became the third studio garden manager. After five years of managing the studio gardens, Laura moved onto a new position serving as Volunteer Coordinator for the Ambassador Program and Field Producer for Oklahoma Gardening.  She is still enjoying her life at The Botanic Garden at OSU.


Through the years Laura served several terms on the board for the Oklahoma Horticultural Society, and was on the planning committee for the National Garden Writers conference in Oklahoma. 


She tries to remain an enthusiastic gardener at her home in Stillwater with dogs, Fred and Wilma, goats, Pepe and Bambam, and Pistol the cat.    

Current OHS Board of Directors

President:  Susan Satterlee

Vice President:  Kathleen Hardwick

Secretary:  Marianna Sikkar

Treasurer:  Karen Filley

Past President:  Lou Anella

Program Director:  Dave Edwards

Office Manager:  Cathy Hersom

Board Members through 2019

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